After Sales Support / Warranty Management add-on will provide support to the enterprise for tracking all the damaged goods return during warranty period.

Customs Warehouse Management System add-on is designed especially for UAE enterprises that are operating from Freezone UAE warehouses, it provide the required support for the Customs verification.

GPS Tracking System developed by Qube alliance can integrate with the Evoque ERP and can provide tracking of logistics via GPS system.

Employees & HR management add-on will help the enterprise to track all its employees, manage various activities related to these employees such as their Visa Expiry, etc.

Water Sales & Distribution Management system developed by Qube alliance provide a unique service to the Water Sales & Distribution Companies. This system can also be integrated with the Evoque ERP for providing better operational management to the enterprise.

Restaurant POS System developed by Qube alliance provides the required agility to the Restaurant enterprises and integrating this system with Evoque enables them to efficiently manage their financials.

Hand held Sales Terminal System developed by Qube alliance allows the enterprise to make its sales operation mobile and effective by the integration with Evoque ERP.

Digital Catalogue and Real Time Sales management System developed by Qube alliance is also an effective sales tool that can be integrated with the Evoque ERP.