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ERP which suits for bakers, Distributor, Wholesaler to improve their productivity and growth.
Qube Explorer is the best and easy to use ERP bakery software for the baking industry. The bakery software provides production planning, route management, van sales, warehouse management, sales and so much more. Explorer is the only bakery software you will ever need for your bakery business!
Qube Explorer is the same great bakery software that runs bakeries across Dubai, UAE. A tailor made system that manages production, inventory, distribution and A/R. Your toughest decisions will be on which computer, tablet or smartphone you are going to run Qube Explorer bakery software and where you are going to work from.

Qube Explorer ERP Software offers bakery manufacturing solutions that will help your company streamline operations and bring your products to market, faster and more cost efficiently, while complying with ever more stringent FTA regulatory mandates. Whether you private-label, co-pack or produce your own line of breads, snacks, pastries, or nutritional foods, our bakery software supports your unique food manufacturing requirements in product development, production, quality, costing, compliance, planning, scheduling and mobile warehousing.

Get more out of your food manufacturing system with time-saving tools and real-time actionable data across the following processes supported Qube Alliance's integrated bakery manufacturing application and end to end ERP for Bakeries and Snack Foods solution.


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