Operational Accounting

Barcode and Shelf-Label of the item can be generated using the system.

Month End Process employs the Systematic Persistence principle in the system. It restricts the user to create any entry related to the next month until the processing has completed for the previous month.

Stock Confirmation with respect to the quantity stored in the system is also required to efficiently end the processing for the current month.

Financial Transactions relating to the previous month must be posted and all the documents pending for approval must be approved accordingly

Post Dated Cheques are also required to be processed for the Month End processing to complete.

Export reports to your computer in Microsoft Excel file, PDF file, HTML file, etc.

It incorporates a Robust and efficient Report Generator module that can create more than 500 significant reports and allows enterprise to filter these reports accordingly. The changes made by the enterprise regarding filters and variables can be saved as a template of the report for future use.

Custom Reports can also be easily generated with Mathematical Formulae's added by the enterprise along with custom variables.

Reporting Flexibility allows the users to scroll, pan and sort the report as deem fit by them.

Complete Drill Down of all the reports is possible in the system. User can create his own drill down rules and clearly see what he intends to.