Sales & Trading

Customer Database enables the enterprise to track information related to a customer instantly. It requires each customer to be associated with a Company, Division and a Salesman

Salesman database allows the enterprise to enlist details about their salesmen and associate them with each of their customers present in the Customer database.

Items database stores essential information regarding the items/services traded or consumed by an enterprise.

Price Lists can be created using the system, containing Prices corresponding to each Item. These list can be associated with a group of customers.

Expense database stores the list of expenses related to the sale and trading of the items.

Sales schemes can be updated into the system and proper invoicing can be done accordingly. A sales scheme could include discounted prices on various items or an extension of Credit Time limit.

Target Management allows the enterprise to define various Sales Target for the Salesman of the company.

Target tracking the various sales targets/goals defined by the enterprise can be easily tracked using the system. The dashboard of the system also showcases the current status of the target and individual target status of each salesman and item.

Sales Quotations can be created by salesman very easily using the Sales Order feature of the system. It allows a Customer to place an order for particular quantity of items.

Sales Invoice generated by the enterprise allows the customer to accept the Sales Order. It can be of two types- Credit Sales Invoice or Cash Sales Invoice based upon the customer's mode of payment.

Delivery Note is given to the customer along with the Sales Invoice while delivering their Sales Order

Sampling Invoice can also be created by the salesman against the items given to the customer as samples. This can help the enterprise track all the samples that are provided to the customers for promotional purposes.

Export Sales Invoices can also be separately recorded in the system

Discounts provided to the customer can also be recorded in the system separately. This would help the Marketing Executives to better manage their promotional campaigns.

Debit Note can be generated in the system against all the amounts due by the customer.

Sales Return are a major bottle neck while managing customer sales. The system provides a better accountability for Sales return and managing facility to the enterprise.

Credit note corresponding to the Sales Returns can be generated by the salesman to manage payments against Sales Returns.

Document reversal option allows the Salesman to create a Sales Invoice corresponding to a Sales Order already recorded in the system. It allows them to create a Sales Invoice corresponding to a Sales Return entry.