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Qubex Van Sale App


With the scale of your trade expanding at an exponential rate, you require assistance and control over the capabilities of your trading. From access to Customer information to Monitoring of your sales personnel, our system manages to keep a check on your risks. Your business would thrive upon vigilance, not surveillance or ignorance. With our Industry experience, we have developed a smart solution that allows you to control risk, monitor profitability and measure performance of your sales team.

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Sales Made Simple

The VAN Sales app offers customers an integrated merchandising solution, provides up-to-date inventory and customer balance, and updates orders and deliveries on the spot,meaning real-time visibility on sales. From invoicing to delivery status updates, back office inventory checking and reservation to tracking, the solution offers the company realtime updates. Whether operated online or offline, the app greatly enhances the sales and accounting cycle, reduces manual data entry and improves efficiency
- Dazzle your customers with a stunning e-catalog
- Order faster than you thought possible
- Increase order size and margins
- Bring your own device with Qubex Van Sales App
- Offline mode means no downtime – ever
- See the whole picture with seamless ERP integration

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From invoicing to back office inventory checking ,the solution offers the company realtime updates.

Sales Return

The sales return document can be generated by the application .

Sales Order

Salesmen can take sales order from the mobile app which is integrated with the erp at the office.

Sales Summary

At the end of the day the sales summary & stock balance report is generated.

Activity Analysis

The activity of the salesman can be tracked thus helps to measure the performance of each salesman.

Customer Receipts

The salesman can collect the payments and keep receipts.